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Locally based in San Rafael as well as family owned and operated business, Marin Termite Control has been proudly serving homeowners from Marin and southern Sonoma since 1971.

Marin Termite provides quality termite inspections and treatments with personal courteous and prompt service differentiating us from other large chains and franchised corporations. We listen to our customers who have continuously expressed their support and loyalty over the past four decades and our references are available on our website.

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Company Motto: "Don't Go "Buy" Appearances! Have it inspected."TM speaks for what we stand. Too many properties look fine and given the hidden nature of wood destroying organisms (insects and fungus), infestation and damage can remain undetected for extended periods of time before they become obvious to the untrained eye. Our years of training, knowledge, experience and on-going exposure to these issues allows us to keep a sharp and attentive eye.

"Dont Go "Buy" Appearances! Have it inspected." TM is a proprietary statement that belong to Marin Termite Control Company and may not be used or reproduced, in part or in whole, on paper or electronically without written authorization of Marin Termite Control Company Inc.

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History:   Al & Stephanie Kesecker, owners/operators, created Marin Termite Control Company, Inc. in 1971 but Al has been inspecting properties in Marin and San Francisco County since 1958.  The office as well as the inspector and applicator teams are still managed & supervised by the original owners, and by their son-in-law, Phil Beaubois, who is the senior operating inspector,  a licensed contractor  as well as the IT manager and webmaster for the company.

Our website: Our policy is that a website should be informative and easy to read, not aggressive or invasive. You won't find "In-Your-Face" pop-up ads that irritate and discourage inquiring clients or curious web surfers.  We do not track cookies, send irritating spam or junk mails. Sorry! No electronic push-ads and unsolicited emails from us!


Here, you will find more information with less fluff or flashy web apps.

At Marin Termite Control we prefer to distinguish ourselves with personalized service, thorough inspections, detailed reports, careful treatments, quality repairs and competitive pricing.

We believe in providing you with effective and reliable solutions rather than fancy marketing gimmicks!

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For any questions or requests, please feel free to call us at any of our following numbers:
San Rafael: (415) 456-9620, Mill Valley: (415) 388-2375 or Novato: (415) 883-8425

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We are listed in the Marin County Yellow Pages and in the Novato Verizon phone book and you may also see our seasonal and peridioc ads and stickers in the Marin Independent Journal newspaper.

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