For Fumigation GAS Re-Connection Please Contact:
PG&E Fumigation Re-Connection Service: or call 1-800-468-4743

When infestations of drywood termites, wood boring beetles or bed bugs are out of control and a local treatment is no longer practical, fumigating a structure is the only solution left to erradicate a widespread or inaccessible infestation. Fumigations are done daily on homes, commercial buildings, shopping malls, schools, barns, churches, libraries, airports, museums, silos, railroad cars and shipping containers.

Larkspur City Hall & Fire Department  Residential Home in Mill Valley
Larkspur City Hall & Fire Department (left) ~ Residential Home in Mill Valley (right)

The inert fumigant used is Vikane (Sufuryl Fluoride). It is a true gas, NOT a mist, vapor, powder or suspension. It is used to displace sufficient oxygen in the item or structure to asphyxiate the target insects and leaves no residue, smell or scent after. Sufuryl fluoride is used because it easily penetrates wood and reaches into every areas of the structure (attics, walls and floors) killing all target insects. The fumigation process can last 3 days for bed bugs and drywood termites and up to 5 days for wood boring beetles. More information is available here about Vikane (Sufuryl Fluoride)
Fumigation of Sausalito Plaza Office & Retail Space (1505 Bridgeway)
Once a fumigation date has been scheduled the following steps take place:
a) Instructions and paperwork are given to owners and occupants to prepare the structure for fumigation (see links below)
b) If desired, Nylo-Fumigation bags can be provided to bag and store open food items (see intructions below)
d) The day of the fumigation, the structure is tented because the gas is lighter than air and needs to be contained
e) The gas meter is disconnected by PGE or your local propane supplier to prevent leaks from turned off pilots lights
f) Electric fans are installed inside the structure to spread the fumigant evenly and vent the structure after fumigation
g) The tent is then sealed tight and the fumigation is set as long as needed (1 to 4 days) to erradicate the target pest
h) The day before the tent is removed, vent hatches on the tent are opened to allow ventilation and remove the fumigant
i) The next day, the tent is removed and a state license inspector checks every room to ensure the fumigant is removed
j) Once the structure is tested and certified, a "Notice of Re-Occupancy" is posted on the front door to notify the structure is safe for access
k) PG&E or your local propane supplier can then re-connect the gas and re-lite your pilot lights (see link instructions below)

For information on Fumigation Facts: https://fumigationfacts.com/
For information on Vikane Fumigant: https://vikanefumigant.com/

For Fumigation Re-Connection Please Contact:
PG&E Fumigation Re-Connection Service: or call 1-800-468-4743

Residential Home in San Rafael  Vent Stack and Sand Tubes  Tenting Between House & Vegetation
Two story residence in San Rafael (left) - Side view with vent stack closed (center) - Rear view with tent between trees & house (right)

FAQs: Frequenty Asked Questions on Fumigation

Vikane General Information Brochure

Vikane/Owners Need-To-Know Fumigation
Homeowner Preparation Checklist for Fumigation

Bagging Food for Fumigation

PG&E Reconnection Information for Fumigation

For Fumigation Re-Connection Please Contact:
PG&E Fumigation Re-Connection Service: or call 1-800-468-4743

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