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Complete Inspections 

For Sellers & Realtors

Many experienced agents and careful sellers request a pre-listing inspection to find any possible issues that may compromise the sale of a property in escrow. Here are some of the advantages of getting a pre-listing inspection before putting your property up for sale on the MLS:

•  Correct infestations, damage and defects prior to listing

•  Maximize your sell price and improve appeal of property

•  Better appeal and conditions against similar listings

•  Widen & increase prospective buyers interest

•  Improve asking and selling price of home for sale

•  Disclose infestations, damage and defects to price

•  Lessen chances of losing interested buyers to other sales.


For Buyers & Lenders

Most buyers, realtors and lenders recommend or request a termite inspection at time of making an offer and prior to removing contingencies to find if there are any infestations and costly repairs to be expected or planned. Here are some of the advantages to getting a purchase inspection:

•  Know condition of structure with infestations, damage and deficiencies

•  Expose condition of property and potential costs of treatment, repairs or

•  Request correction prior to close of escrow or credit for costs to be incurred

•  Improve negotiating leverage to lessen listing price for a lower purchase price

•  Allow buyers to reconsider and withdraw their offer in case of doubt or high
   repair costs

•  Permits prospective buyers to compare known conditions with other similar

Our inspections are fair, straight to the point, detailed and thorough. Our reports list active infestations (section 1 items), issues conducive to infestation (section 2), inaccessible areas in need of further inspection (section 3) and relevant informational items (section 4). Each item addressed is followed with a recommendation and the cost of some items may be estimated upon request.

Most reports are faxed and/or emailed (PDF format) the following business day and a hard copy is sent via US mail upon request. The cost for full inspection reports will depend upon the size and location of the structure. Call our office for current pricing.


Limited Inspections

As a homeowner, it is a good idea to have your home periodically inspected for wood destroying organisms. Whether it's for a visible infestation or just for peace of mind, a limited inspection will provide an opportunity to review areas of concern. It will also address any potential problems and provide the homeowner with the knowledge that is needed to prevent infestations. We offer competitive pricing for limited Inspections and provide a detailed report addressing not only specific areas of concerns but other issues that may lead to infestations. Here are some of the advantages to getting a periodic limited inspection:

•  Find and correct hidden infestations and damage before costly repairs are incurred

•  Expose conditions that may lead to infestations, deterioration and damage

•  Obtain treatment and repair options from professional inspectors with years of

•  Compare prices, warranties and quality of work provided with other companies

•  Determine what priorities need to be addressed first and what can be deferred

•  Correct deficiencies or inadequacies before they lead to infestation and damage

•  Get informative recommendations for preserving your home and preventing


We provide valuable, quality service with decades of experience in construction, entomology, integrated pest management, technological and chemical knowledge. The warranties provided for chemical treatments depend upon the type of treatment performed and can be discussed at time of inspection and will be noted in reports.



When work is in progress and additional hidden damage or infestation is exposed we recommend further inspection to determine the extent of the damage or infestation as well as the work or treatment to be done. We also provide re-inspections and report for work done by others within six months of the original inspection. Re-inspections and additional report are subject to a nominal fee depending on the location and time required. Please inquire with our office.


Free vs Fee Inspections

Some of the larger corporations or franchised companies offer so-called "Free Inspections" as a marketing tool and incentive to attract a wide variety of clients. The cost of all these free inspections is passed on to clients through a higher price for treatments and repairs.

We do not provide "free" inspections. We charge a nominal and reasonable fee to provide you with a thorough inspection, a detailed report and useful information that will help you make the right decision. We pride ourselves on the fact that there are no hidden fees in the cost of our treatments and recommendations.


Questions? Give us a call at 415-456-9620


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We look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs!


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Fax - 415-456-3635

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PG&E Re-Connection

 •  PG&E Fumigation Re-Connection Service: or call 800-468-4743

Emergency Agencies

 •  In Case of Emergencies call: 911

 •  Ambulance Emergency: 415-472-0911

 •  Kaiser Permanente, San Rafael - Emergency: 415-444-2400

 •  Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa - Emergency: 707-571-4800

 •  Marin General Hospital - Emergency: 415-925-7200

 •  Marin Humane Society - Emergency: 415-499-883-4621

 •  Marin Humane Society - Nigh Emergency Call: 415-499-7233

 •  PG&E Before Digging & Excavating Soil: 811

 •  Poison Control Center - Emergency: 800-523-2222

Informational Links     

 •  Bioquip Insect Research & Equipment

 •  Bug Guide

 •  Entomological Society of America

 •  Insect Resistance Action Committee

 •  Invasive Insects

 •  Nation Pest Management Association

 •  UC Intergrated Pesticide Management Dept.

 • University California Integrated Pest Management

 •  UC Davis Entomology Dept.

 •  UC Riverside Entomology Dept.

 •  Pest World For Kids (& Big Kids too!)

Termiticide, Insecticide & Fungicide Used

 •  Altriset - Dupont

 •  Bora-Care & Tim-Bor Insecticide

 •  Boron Essentials

 •  Nisus Corporation

 •  US Borax

 •  Termidor Termiticide – BASF

 •  Vikane Fumigants

Government Agencies

 •  Pest Control Operators of California

 •  Structural Pest Control Board of California

 •  California Department of Pesticide Regulation

 •  National Pest Management Association

 •  Marin County Agricultural Department

 •  Environmental Protection Agency

 •  PAN Pesticide Database

Local Agencies

 •  Marin Association of Realtors  415-507-1000

 •  Marin Builders Association  415-462-1220

 •  Marin Agricultural Department  415-473-6700

 •  Marin County Hazardous Waste Recycling & Disposal  415-485-6806

 •  Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention  415-499-6528

 •  Marin County Fire Department  415-499-6717

 •  Marin County Health & Human Services  415-499-3696

 •  Marin Sanitary Service  Waste Management & Hazardous Disposal

Locally-Owned and Operated Businesses

We like to refer locally-owned and operated professionals we have worked with and had contact with in the past.

Drainage Engineer/Contractor

 •  Eldon-Foster Drainage Inspections  415-672-4617

 •  Millsap-Degnan & Associates  415-453-6793

 •  Bay Area Moisture Control  415-884-0500

Eletrical Contractor  

 •  Hannibal's Inc. - Dan McGoon  415-457-4044

 •  Redwood Electric - Mike Mazoni  415-453-3942

General Contractor

 •  Charles Windows & Doors Company  415-459-100

 •  Coyle Brothers Construction - Peter Coyle 415-454-1623

 •  Diego Brothers Construction  415-472-5967

 •  Gordon Drake Wood Building  415-415-457-4940

 •  Kaplan Brothers Construction  415-454-1216

 •  Ron Barney Construction  415-388-8124

 •  San Anselmo Construction - Bob Gerstenkorn  415-454-6772

 •  Scott Swan Construction  415-492-0305

 •  Westward Builders  415-459-2130

General Pest Control - North Bay

 •  North Point Pest Solutions - 415-785-7480 Marin & Sonoma County

 •  Naturworks  415-460-6900 - Marin & Sonoma County

 •  Bay Counties Pest Control  415-892-1515

General Pest Control - East Bay

 •  First Select Pest Control  310-989-3409

Structural Pest Control

 •  Buena Vista Co. - Mike Kesecker  707-838-6291 - Sonoma & Napa County

 •  Charles J. Mayer  800-861-1881 - Contra Costa & East Bay County

 •  Lingruen Associates - David Hoska  415-822-2324 - San Francisco &
    Peninsula County

 •  Silverado Termite Control - Rick Johnson  707-253-8949 - Napa & Solano

Plumbing Contractors

 •  Amesos Plumbing  415-388-3837

 •  Gotelli Plumbing - Tony Silva  415-457-1145

 •  Mike Testa Plumbing - Mike Testa  415-479-0110

 •  Ongaro & Sons  415-454-7401

 •  Peter Levi Plumbing  415-454-7771

 •  Travis Plumbing - Scott Travis  415-83-8545

Rodent Abatement & Control

 •  Aaron Ambrose Rodent Service  707-774-2292

 •  Ian Hesz Rodent Cleanup and Proofing  707-758-7955

 •  Done Right Rodent Proofing 415-524-6229

 •  T&I Restoration  707-542-2520

Roofing Contractors

 •  Crown Ridge Roofing - Ray Michaelsen  415-485-1500

 •  McLeran Roofing - Brian McLeran  415-456-7663

 •  Morris Roofing - Norman Arends  415-454-6066

 •  Superior Roofing - Kurt Grosser  415-491-1144

 •  Wedge Roofing, Terry Odgers  415-84-0197

Tree Service & Trimming

 •  Bartlett Tree Experts - Don Warner  415-485-1180

 •  Marin Tree Service - Robert Morey  415-472-7105

 •  TreeMasters - Tad Jacobs  415-455-9933





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About Us


Marin Termite Control is a family owned and operated business locally based in San Rafael and proudly serving homeowners in Marin and southern Sonoma since 1971. We provide quality termite inspections, detailed reports, careful treatments, quality repairs, competitive pricing and our personalized, courteous and prompt service differentiates us from the large chains and franchised corporations. We provide effective and reliable solutions rather than fancy marketing offers. Our customers have expressed their support and loyalty over the past five decades and you can view our references on the References page of our website.

History: The owner of our company has been inspecting properties in Marin and San Francisco County since 1958 and in 1971, he founded Marin Termite Control. Our office and both the inspection and application teams are still managed & supervised by the original owners and their family.

Company Motto: "Don't Go 'Buy' Appearances! Have it inspected™." speaks to our message and what we offer. Many properties look fine on the outside but the hidden nature of wood-destroying organisms (insects and fungus) can cause infestation and damage that will remain undetected for extended periods of time. Our years of training, knowledge and experience allow us to locate and treat these infestations quickly and efficiently.


"Don't Go "Buy" Appearances! Have it inspected™ is our trademark and may not be used or reproduced in part or in whole, on paper or electronically without the written authorization of Marin Termite Control, Inc.

 Call us at 456-9620


1525 Francisco Blvd East, Suite 11, San Rafael, CA 94901
415-456-9620 | Fax: 415-456-3635