"Thank you! I appreciate your knowledgeable and professional work. You were excellent in answering questions, patient, efficient and obviously an 'old hand' at this work."
~ Diana T, Corte Madera

“Thank for your professional and thorough work.”
~ Francesca W, San Rafael

"Solid, perfect, very friendly, answered all my questions (which was a lot); Phil came out to check out a house in the West Marin hills for me. The house did not do well as far as the inspection, but Phil was very thorough in his explanation of what was going on with the property and what I might do to correct the many problems. Quick process of report; got it next day. I could go on and on, but basically Marin Termite (Phil) did exactly the kinda job anyone hiring a contractor would want, wish all companies and individuals were so professional and just "right" about how they do things. There's no reason to not hire Marin Termite if you need a house inspection."
~ Joe S, Stinson Beach

"I can't remember the last time a company that offers a product suggested that we don't use their product because we don't need it? I highly recommend Marin Termite for your home inspections - the $150 paid gave us both peace of mind as well as saving us hundreds of dollars on unnecessary treatment."
~ Barry B, San Rafael

"I have been using Marin Termite for 8 years as a Real Estate agent and they are by far the most honest and detailed of all the Termite companies. The owner Al has been in the business for over 30 years and his employees are top notch. Phil, his son in law is also an amazing inspector. What I like about them is that they aren't in the business to do any dry rot repairs so their isn't any conflict of interest when it comes to estimating costs. If you are using them for a Real Estate transaction as a buyer or seller they will tell you the truth and aren't concerned about how an agent might react to their report. This is how it should be unlike other companies."
~ Stephen P, San Anselmo"

After termites appeared in our home, I did not initially use Marin Termite for an inspection, because unlike many others they charged a fee just for the inspection. However, after having 6 other companies come out, and having 6 different treatment plans recommended without being impressed by any of them, I finally called Marin Termite. They were clearly more competent and thorough than any of the others.  Phil was my inspector, and Tony did the work. Everything went well, and hopefully we'll be termite free for many years now."

~ Stephen S, San Rafael



Marin Termite Control uses low-toxicity non-repellent insecticides that are odorless and will not be detected or avoided by Termites, Beetles and Carpenter Ants.

Perimeter Treatments 

For Subterranean Termite infestations, we provide a complete perimeter chemical treatment to residential and commercial structures with Altriset or Termidor termiticides and we offer a 5-year warranty against re-infestation of Subterranean Termites to perimeter-treated structures. Treatment consists of establishing a complete underground termiticide barrier along the entire perimeter of the house. We provide up to a 5-year warranty against Subterranean Termite re-infestation with a complete subterranean termite perimeter treatment.

Local Treatments

When feasible, small Wood Boring Beetle and Drywood Termite infestations may be treated locally. This is a Secondary Substandard Control Measure and the treatment consists of drilling a series of small holes in the infested and adjacent wood members and injecting termiticide (AltrisetTermidorTim-BorBoraCare). Pricing for local/spot treatment is competitive; however warranty may be limited for local treatments as infestations may extend into untreated or inaccessible areas. Please inquire with our office for treatment options and warranties provided.


For extensive Drywood Termite infestation, we provide tenting  and fumigation of residential and commercial structures and we offer a 3 year warranty on fumigated structures. Upon request, a fumigation schedule and checklist is sent to you and our workmen will check the structure is prepared for the fumigation and clear of any visible Drywood Termite pellets. We provide a 3-year warranty against re-infestation of Drywood Termites to fumigated structures.

For extensive Wood-Boring Beetle infestation our warranty may vary depending on the environment, drainage conditions and additional preventive treatment performed. Please inquire with our office for an inspection and further details. Also, for more information check our Tenting and Fumigation Blog page.

Preventive Treatments

Preventive treatments against Termites, Wood-Boring Beetles and Fungus infestations are provided upon request. The type of treatment and warranty provided will vary depending on the target pest. Preventive treatments are best done either before or during construction depending on the work to be done.

Examples include but are not limited to:

• Soil treatment before concrete a slab pour
•  Sub-slab treatment before radiant heat or floor
   covering installation
•  Framing and sheathing treatment before insulation and sheetrock installation
•  Fumigation before or after major remodeling or additions.

For more information please consult our Blog about Pre-Treatments.
Please call our office to schedule an inspection and for additional information.

Orange Oil

Ads and marketing campaigns from large companies tout orange oil as a “green”, “organic” or “safe” alternative against termites. Marin Termite Control has tried and used orange oil against Drywood Termites in the past and found it’s reliability and effectiveness to be limited and less efficient that other non-repellent low-toxicity products. We no longer provide orange oil treatment and prefer using odorless products that have a lower toxicity level and a longer after-shelf life effectiveness. Please consult our Blog page for additional information regarding the effectiveness
                                                            of orange oil vs. other products.

Green Pest Control

We all want a healthier environment; organic foods, natural products, better air quality, clean water and fewer pesticides. No wonder many ask us if and how can pests be eliminated without using harmful pesticides.

Along with green construction, sustainable pest control is achievable but does require a new way of thinking, planning and building. It also means a little more maintenance and using low-impact products and ecologically sound materials when necessary. In other words: “Working with nature rather than fighting it.”

Marin Termite Control provides tips on preventing and deterring pest infestation during our inspections  as well as written recommendations in our report.

Green Construction: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Whether building, adding or remodeling, consult first with your architect, contractor and pest control operator to avoid creating or leaving existing conditions that may lead to infestations.

Sustainable Maintenance: “Use nature’s lessons and allies to your advantage”. Once construction or remodeling is completed discourage nature’s invaders and maintain the structure and its surroundings inhospitable to pests by keeping clearance around the structure and its perimeter foundation.

For additional information please consult our Blog about Green Pest Control

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